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GHOR-18 Crimson Red

Boy Hero Crimson Red battles with evil organization “Dark Leve.” His iron body doesn’t accept any kind of weapon in this world but he has one weakness. It is his sweet mind. Meanwhile, genius female scientist Cynthia whose IQ is 244 has one enemy. It is “Aging.” She aspires to leave her excellent gene but she can’t accept ordinary man. She has an eye on Perfect Ranger Crimson Red as a successor of her excellent gene. Cynthia disguises ordinary woman and tries to seduce him. She gets a bit of his sperm. She satisfies with the result of his sperm analysis. Cynthia becomes her another evil character Professor Noir and tries to trap Crimson Red. Unexpected impact strikes his invincible body. Crimson Red gradually falls ingenious attack. “Face it, if we want to make a hole to diamond, we need diamond blade.” She punches his stomach persistently. He vomits and spits blood. Infernal show finally starts to extract forcibly his sperm. Cynthia persistently tortures his pleasure mind, anal, and penis with electric shock. And finally… Don’t lose our Super Hero Crimson Red! [BAD END] 

GHOR-18 01
GHOR-18 02

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