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GHOR-09 Beautiful Heroine Mask Off Omnibus

Beautiful Mask Heroine’s face attracts all the attention. The collaboration between universal beauty and mask off. These are five beautiful girl’s stories. [White Princess] includes body blow and mask off. The evil hands reach weak heroine’s face… [Pure Mask] shows mask off into the dream world and the real world. Pure Mask has a bad memory that she used to almost take off her mask in front of the public. It lead Pure Mask to the fascinated world… [Female combatant number 112] is the story which shows the lowest lank combatant of the evil organization. One day, a cadre gives combatants a pop quiz. Female combatant, number 112 is tortured by the cadre. How does she respond to cadre’s clever leading questions. [Beautiful Mask Principal] shows tolerating pee with mask off. She is confined long time and she already can’t take anymore her desire to urinate. Her dangerous delusion is expanding by hearing about the disclosure her incontinence to the world… [Air Force Wing Blue] shows forced mask off with destroyed head armor. Wing Blue becomes stronger by using the latest technology, “Body Synchro Unit ” but at the same time, she loses important thing…These are five mask off stories. Don’t miss it! [BAD END]

GHOR-09 01
GHOR-09 02
GHOR-09 03

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