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GHOR-08 Heroine Cutie Battle Pink Feather VS Evil Lady

Pink Feather is an idol wrestler and Evil Lady is a heel in the underground pro wrestling world. They fights every day with conceiving each spirit. One day, notorious Jackal ”undertaker of destruction in hell” and Chaos Brake “wild boy of mat” appear before Pink Feather standing up on the ring. The two are staring Pink Feather smiling obscenely. The match will be started soon but her partner Panther Lady doesn’t appear. Panther Lady has already excluded by Jackal and Chaos Brake. The match begins without Pink Feather as the one on two match. Pink Feather is tormented by Jackal and Chaos Brake because of her disadvantage situation. Chaos Brake reaches Pink Feather’s mask. “No, please don’t take off my mask… ” Her mask is gradually taking off. Then Evil Lady appears before Pink Feather!!

GHOR-08 01

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