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GHOR-07 10 years later of Enslaved Heroine

Crest Pink was separated from her colleague and in grave danger. When she was almost beaten, boss villain said, “Take her to the base.” Four months has passed since then. Miki has hollowly spent as a sexual servant of evil combatants every day. “If my colleagues know about that I, Crest Pink has surrendered just like this…” She can’t mention about following words. She still doesn’t know her original never-give-up attitude leads her unexpected future. Meanwhile, boss villain Grimore has another purpose. It is scheme that he pushes his way to the top in the female-dominated organization. Miki and Grimore know that they can share their interests each other. Their strange future start spinning. Miki is cursed by Crest Red, he used to Miki’s lover, as “shameless.” Miki makes up her mind to penetrate organization by serving as their sexual servant but Miki is suddenly operated to become a monster Infernass. She needs to superhero’s “extract” to maintain her remodeling body. Where is the last place Miki reaches finally through liquidate her surrounding combatants? What is happen to our Crest Pink next? [HAPPY END]

GHOR-07 01
GHOR-07 02

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