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GHOR-06 Non-Transforming Heroine Super Fighter Machinedar

Mirai Saotome used to a racing bike driver but she had a serious accident. Her father Dr. Saotome operated her and she was revived from heavy injure as the operator for Super Fighter Machinedar (the soldier assimilates machine and human in nerve system by bio cell technology). She tries to battle with evil secret society Dogma. One day, the monster of Dogma, Goraius attacks chemical factory. Mirai rushes to the flamed site. Mirai’s bike transform into Machinedar and battle with Goraius. Dogma has an evil plan that they attack operator Mirai pointedly to demolish Machinedar. Mirai and Machinedar are separated and beaten monsters of Dogma. Mirai is captured and hardly tortured at Dogma’s base. Monsters try to surrender Mirai to tear her pride as heroine. What will happen to Mirai? [BAD END]

GHOR-06 01
GHOR-06 02

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