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GHOR-05 Miss Mermaid

Minami Mizuki is a marine archaeologist who researches in civilization sank to the ocean bottom. After she won the competition called Miss Mermaid, she was endowed transforming pendant to become the justice heroine Miss Mermaid. One day, evil secret society Dagon (They worship evil Sea God) plots a scheme that sink the human world into the sea. Minami is given the power of Atlantic soldier Miss Mermaid by the Sea God Poseidon, and fights with monster Kraken solely. Kraken attacks Miss Mermaid by his tentacle. She manages to beat Kraken but then the other monster Leviathan attacks her. Leviathan spit a poisonous liquid to Miss Mermaid but it stimulates her erogenous zone. Besides brainwashed general people starts attacking her. Is Miss Mermaid able to save the Earth? [BAD END]

GHOR-05 01
GHOR-05 02

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