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GHOR-04 Marching Princess

Kazune, a junior student of Green Academy, is the leader of baton twirling team belongs to the marching band “Multiale.” They have a training every day to participate ceremony of the new station hall in Enn city. Meanwhile, evils are trying to break the peace. They are Madlar tribe, space refugee plotted domination of the Earth long time ago. At that time, they lost with human ancient princess Himeka but they have been hiding to get the chance to dominate the world. One of the Madlar tribe, Doctor Carlo creates fly monster Zombaera and spreads Zombie virus to change human of Zombie for the world domination. Kazune, who is descended from a princess Himeka, transform to Marching Princess with getting the power of descendent baton and decides to battle with evils…[BAD END]

GHOR-04 01
GHOR-04 02

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