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GHOR-01 Target Weak Pink! -Targeted Eagle Pink-

Grand Force has reported that several meteorites fallen to the earth. Each member goes to the site for investigation. Mai Momojitsu, Eagle Pink visits α9 (one of the meteorite fallen site) and finds an broken eggshell. “Unfortunately, a rumor was true. Alien was already hatched. Please seal off the area of point α9 as soon as possible,” Mai send a message to Red. At the time, combatants of Black Zoruge and monster Drokuwa appear. They tries to capture Eagle Pink by being ordered from their leader. Mai has a hard fight with Black Zorge so, she transforms into Eagle Pink. But she is in a grave danger due to battle with many villains. “It’s over, Black Zoruge,” Eagle Red appears and rescues Pink. When Pink returns her base, she worries about her weakness. But then Pink is suddenly attacked by an unidentified entity. That is the alien who came to the Earth by meteorite. The alien was also attracted to the beauty of Pink. What will happen to Eagle Pink? [BAD END]

GHOR-01 01
GHOR-01 02

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