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GHKO-99 Heroine Surrender Special Force -Super Lady

Super Lady is a super heroine who came from the space. She fights with evils to protect the peace of the earth. One day, the case happens that Youtuber “Mataro,” is kidnapped. He is a scion of Mishima conglomerate and his sales point is an extreme movies. Super Lady rushes to the site and defeats villains. However the case was Mataro’s own work. It was also a trap to shoot Super Lady’s active scenes. Super Lady scolds Mataro’s selfishness but he thinks badly of her advice. Mataro tries to shoot Super Lady’s disgraceful scenes as a revenge. Then he organizes Heroine Surrender Special Force, its members are Herculean Cyborg “Franger” who was created with a pro wrestler’s dead body, “Dr. Frost” the authority of cerebrophysiology, “Metal Cook” a sexaroid equipped with multi-functional penis, and “Common People” who were abducted by Mataro. They starts the scheme to surrender Super Heroine. [BAD END]

GHKO-99 01 GHKO-99 02

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