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GHKO-92 Perfect Ranger 2017 -Revived Satan Cross-

Yuriko Momose/Perfect Pink has finished her training and joins the Perfect Ranger. She is a hard worker and looks up to Perfect Red. Satan Cross is an evil organization which plot conquering of Japan. Previous Perfect Ranger should have destroyed Satan Cross, but the president Schwarzenkruz has revived. The threaten of them should not be revived again. Perfect Ranger try to defeat him, but they can’t beat the monster “Grart,” who was sent from Schwarzenkruz. Perfect Pink is abducted by them. Perfect Pink is freely tortured by combatants and Schwarzenkruz. She is gradually brainwashed. Another members of Perfect Ranger manage to rescue Perfect Pink. What will happen to them next? [BAD END]

GHKO-92 01 GHKO-92 02

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