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GHKO-87 Pao Pao Lady -Dr. Ingin’s Ambition, Chin Poko Appears!-

A legendary treasure “Naruto (fish cakes)” has been handed down for two thousand years. If someone eat this “Naruto” (it said that it was given by legendary dragon), a poor man becomes muscle and even pretty girl becomes bold and daring. However people afraid of this treasure in the peaceful days, and it was disappeared without everybody noticing it. However there is a girl who inherited “Naruto” in the 21st century in Japan. Her name is Shi Ring. She uses the secret treasure “Naruto” and transforms into Pao Pao Lady to beat an evil scientist Dr. Ingin who plots to steal young girls chastity. [HAPPY END]

GHKO-87 01 GHKO-87 02

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