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TNI-17 Ninja 17

In the near future... the world is wrapped in nuclear flames due to the war and all the living things seem extinct... However, the surviving human are still fighting for thinly remaining water and foods... The elder of ”Wind Village”, which is targeted by a cult organization ”Fang Family”, sends a female fighter Sion to trace a secret of the family. She drives enemies out with a sword but loses in the battle against Mai, a legendary female fighter, who is brainwashed by the guru of Fang Family...! Sion is subjected to obscene lesbian attacks after getting beaten up by Mai. Having been molested around the private parts, Sion cries out in agony... And disgrace attacks by an unknown devil follow to brainwash her... Finally, the guru of the family feeds the mad servants with the female fighter Sion who is now in bits...

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