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TNI-12 Ninja 12

There are devildom, a beast world... and a human world here below! Devil beasts that wake up once in 3,000 years plot to unite the devildom and the beast world to destroy the human world and seize everything on earth! However, there exist in the human world ”Fuuma three sisters”, female ninjas who are capable of containing demons and specters with demoniac fighting spirits! ”Fuuma Fubuki”, an office girl at a big company and the oldest of the three sisters, beats devil beasts and goes to rescue her two sisters, but she ends up being plagued by lots of specters... They attack the female ninja Fubuki using unexpectedly strong power...! She is driven to the wall after the secret of her esoteric holy magic being discovered. Devil bests assault her as the last sacrifice. The specters fiddle about her young body... Her slimy-white and sweaty skin in the moonlight turns on the demons... Fubuki seeks a last chance in agony and pain...

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