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TNI-04 Ninja 04

The Fang of Darkness, an evil organization aspiring to conquer the world, has been renowned for its elite troops of Ninja assassins rigorously trained and well prepared. Dropouts from the troop are annihilated and only survivors of age 18 or younger are admitted as the assassins. Orders cannot be disobeyed. In this ferocious organization, a young girlie Ninja has awakened to love of humanity. She is the ablest of the able Ninja troopers, known as Solia the lightening. ”Death to betrayers!” The head of ”the Fang of Darkness” has ordered the Scarlet Snake, a girlie cadre, to eliminate Solia. But Solia is beyond all attacks and tactics. So, the girlie cadre Scarlet Snake chooses to kidnap Solia’s lover to subdue her. Losing her defense, Solia falls into the torture of ”the Fang of Darkness”, so brutal and vicious than death itself for a girl to forebear. Molested in the vagina and anal, Solia is finally disgraced by the elite trooper Ninjas. Even Scarlet Snake herself assaults Solia with lesbian acts. Beat and crumpled, Solia the lightening is now thrown into the hellish dump....

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