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TNI-03 Ninja 03

Shijo Asuka is a female ninja disguised as office worker to infiltrate an underground organization. There she discovers that the master who taught her ninja art is really a traitor. When her own sibling, “Mizuho” and even “Arisa” get murdered, she decides to transform into female ninja “Asuka” to revenge their deaths. After beating the assassin from the dark world, “Asuka” fights and corners “Kuuga,” but she finds that “Kuuga” is in fact her dead brother. As she hesitates to kill him, “Kuuga” strikes back and defeats her in a moment. Then, tortured severely receiving body blows, female ninja “Asuka” loses the will to fight, and resigned, she is humiliated by sex-starved thugs looking for young woman’s body.... She cries madly during the leg-splitting torture while “Kuuga” keeps licking between her legs. Not only that; “Asuka has to endure harder and more humiliating tortures. “Kuuga No. 2” assaults exhausted and terrified “Asuka” while other baddies looking at “Asuka” disgraced with lecherous eyes.... And finally “Kuuga” disgraces “Asuka” too!... However, it seems luck has not deserted her yet. Starring Kyoka Usami

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