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TKG-03 Heroine Mascot Costume 3

This new Kigurumi is specially effected heroin’s work. Beautiful and voluptuous Yu Kurusu is in Kigurumi, knowing that she cannot virtually show her face. She is performing with bearing off closeness. Ayaka Shiratori, the female agent was killed by the robber gang during investigation. But Soid Company utilized her body as an examinee of the newest project Sigmanoid and revived her as Super Trooper Sigmaizer. However, Sigmaizer found out that the parent company of Super Tooper, the Soid, caused the act of terrorism by themselves to get insurance money, and entered the Soid Comppany. But she was trapped by a dirty trick and sexually assaulted by various ways. If Sigma suit is imcomplete, the sensitivity of the body in it is the dozen times higher than the that without it. What is going to happen to Sigmaizer?

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