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TKG-02 Heroine Mascot Costume 2

The Costume Suit we are going to present this time takes place in variety of situations. Part 1 A party hostess dressed with a popular anime character costume is fondled by a precocious kid where she was sent for service. She won’t resist him with no utterance because she believes that it would only ruin childs’ innocent dream. The the costumed party companion surely gets you aroused by her sobbing and the twisting and turning body while holding up the nasty fondles. Part 2 Let’s walk down the street with a costume, shall we? The costume naturally attracts people’s attentions and curiosity; the embarrassed and confused look of the costume suit surely gets you aroused. Part 3 This is about a backstage of a costume show, which people don’t see very often. You would never know how they look so wide-open and how high your arousal can goes! The action actress surely gets you aroused by her sweaty body with sexually twisting and turning under the costume suit. Part 4 A lady wearing tights on her entire body is relentlessly tortured by a rope with notes. Her sexual play using her using her entire body with naughty twists and turns surely gets you aroused! Part 5 They play with the costume suit’s two wholes down there! An electric masseur, vibrator, and sneaky fingers fondle the genitalia and the anus at the same time the costume suit. The costume suits enjoying the pleasure with pains with twisting and turning her body surely gets you aroused!

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