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TKG-01 Heroine Mascot Costume 1

The person in a rubber suit must not give out a voice! She has to mask her identity! Then why not molest her? It’s for this reason that we go on a molestation spree mercilessly! 1. An expert on finger fuck puts his finger deep into the living doll that is not allowed to move. Feel comforted at the sight of the living doll that endures with her legs shaky! 2. After being tied up in a rubber suit, the living doll suffers a gamut of molestation, which she has to endure even having choking sensation! Feel comforted by listening to the groan that makes us moist despite ourselves! 3. An old man and his grandson fiddle about with the living doll! The two escalat to the point where they keep tickling her until she almost goes insane! Feel comforted at the sight of the agonizing living doll! 4. Force a hand-job to the living doll that cannot resist! The doll grips the tube steak without expression and let seamen ejaculate onto her skirt! Feel comforted at the sight of the living doll that is humiliated without resistance. 5. Disgrace the living doll! Go on a free-fucking treating her as a toy putting a thick tube steak into the scat of the living doll that is as docile as a sex doll. Feel comforted by imagining who is gasping away under the emotionless mask!

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