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DFI-06 Nymph figure06

Majoura was an evil witch who thought that she was the most beautiful woman in the world... However, her beauty couldn’t overcome time that had been passing by... So she was seeking for princesses’virgin blood in some magic kingdom in order to get her youth back one more time... The Princess Rumi was about to be Majoura’s third victims while she was going through a last trial for a witch...that was to save some bad person without any magic. And...the immature witch girl Rumi made the acquaintance of a thief called ”The Old Dude”... And after she found out Majoura’s evil plot, she ventured into the secret base of operations...but, Rumi was caught in a trap...And she was disgraced in shameful positions by Majoura...Rumi was bleeding her virgin blood running through her thigh, and she panted and moved her body like a snake so maturely... So, is it possible for Majoura to make her evil plot successful!?...

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