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DFI-01 Nymph figure01

“My name is Eri. I am a little bit carelessness and also crybaby...everyone laughs at me, tell the truth, I am fighting for justice!” “Ha-ha-ha-ha...the Lovely Girl Worrier Eri. Today I will definitely put you into a blood offering...!” “ No way, that is my word, the Vice-Mask!” However, Eri was trapped into the Vice-Mask’s control because her friend was kidnapped. And she was physically molested. “ Do not do such nasty things to me. Go over there, strange gentlemen...if you don’t quit right now, I will give you punishments!” Contrary to that, the Vice-Mask cracked Eri’crotch and disgraced her! “Oh, men...!,no,no. It’s so hurting me...”

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