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ZMG-04 Our Super Heroine 04

The earth is facing difficulty surviving. A devilish group Geganden has stolen “Blue Stone”, energy source hundreds of millions times that of plutonium, from the earth. This time there is no excuse for failure for International Mercenary Organization (IMO), whose member Mayu, a beautiful Kung-fu girl, failed to regain the Blue Stone. The person who is chosen to regain it this time is Primodine. But Geganden is much stronger. The act of disgrace by Eagle, who has replaced Colonel Drill, is just hideous. Primodine is in a pinch. What will be your destiny? If you are defeated, we will have no tomorrow in the earth... The other story in which Primodine turns extraordinarily prurient is a must-see! This film is packed with splendid benefits.

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