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ZHPD-02 Super Heroine Saves the Crisis !! Vo.2 Future Girl Anju

Anju inadvertently dozes off during class. She dreams a queer dream. She sees herself as she is 100 years from now, as well as people and the scenery as they would be 100 years from now. Anju is a beautiful girl who had been disposed of in this era from a world 100 years from now. Her memory has been completely wiped out, so she doesn’t remember a thing, but the fact is, she is a super heroine with incredible power. Taking note of her special powers, greedy people from 100 years in the future come to this world to take Anju back to their world!! A super destructive weapon is set up to annihilate this era!! There are only a few more hours left before the weapon goes off. Anju, we’re counting on you!!

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