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ZARD-27 Strawberry Killers -Returns-

It was Miyuki, a female investigator, who rescued the beauty sisters Harumi and Aki suffering from poison gas. Having failed to eliminate the sisters, the boss of an IT-related business uses the Mafia to seek the lives of the sisters and even of the investigator Miyuki. Meanwhile, a female fighter Yoko also plots a revenge on Harumi. Harumi and Aki undergo a fight at the scene of the Mafia’s trade and succeed in depriving some secret documents. However, Harumi is beaten up into insensibility and taken away by Mafia guys who have broken into her house. She then is bound and attacked by Yoko... Although Aki and Yoko come and rescue Harumi, it results in a furious brawl on the spot. Then in front of the beauty sisters who are chasing the string puller, a masked killer appears and causes them great pain! Even strangled or tramped, Harumi and Aki keep fighting but there is zero chance of winning... What will be the destiny of the beauty sisters Harumi and Aki who have decided to become assassins to avenge their father...!? And will the female investigator Miyuki be able to solve the case!?

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