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ZARD-18 Lady Fighter 2ND -INTRIGUE-

Because of the decrease in the number of children, the school frantically works at trying to get hold of new students, despite having to loosen up on school traditions. As a result, it not only affects the tradition of the school but also plunges the hearts of the people in school, as well as the students into chaos. In spite of seeing the collapse of the educational administration before their eyes, the local government is unable to do anything but just sit and watch. The reason for this is that the upper staff members of the Board of Education is receiving bribes from the school management people, under the pretext of individual contributions, for overlooking this grave situation. The hands of evil close in on the school that is compelled to go through such corruption. The once elite group of people who were ousted from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, for openly expressing their ideas of an unrestricted and free education, secretly begin activities to take over the school. In the meantime, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology can not outwardly do anything to prevent this movement. One day, a group of educators with a heart, find out of the existence of a secret military agency, meet with the head of the agency and speak out on the current emergency situation. The educators leave wiping out K3 in the hands of the underground Board of Education called UKI, telling them to use whatever power they have, to do so. Minami Horikiri, who receives this mission heads over to Daidoji Academy

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