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ZARD-16 Gigantic Heroine Mariya -Descension-

An all female planet called Femi is invaded by the Tozones several years ago. Disaster is about to befall this planet once again....Planet Femi, which had fought their way through to avoid being invaded, establish an organization called BAP (Battle Alien Party) with Rikako as its central figure. However, there is some amount of difficulty regarding the addition of an indispensible girl member called Mariya. In the meantime, the Tozones finally make it to Planet Femi. Kyoko a member of BAP, desperately tries to convince Mariya to join them. Mariya is flustered. Then, Mariya’s mother Kaori tells her, ”Go and fight....” Mariya decides to fight after encouragement from her mother. Maria descends before the Tozones! Will Mariya be able to stop the Tozones from invading her people by using the secret power that lies within her?!

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