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ZARD-07 Violence & Roses -YUKI-

After the end of the Great War, the world becomes a wasteland. The only thing left that people can survive on is what little is left in principle, that is, money, power and alchemy. A girl called Megumi Tsuwa gets ahold of a certain secret and escapes. Reika Sahato, the woman head of an alchemy association called Garumudimere goes after Megumi. She is cornered to the point of no return. Just then, a warrior, Yuka Guren armed with a Guitar Sword on her back beats off Reika and comes to Megumi’s rescue. Megumi’s purpose is to go to Dust City, and she asks Yuki to take her there. Yuki agrees with good grace. This is how the journey of the two girls, Megumi and Yuka starts off. Will Yuka and Megumi be able to make it safely to Dust City, fleeing from the evil hands and persistent pursuit of Garumudimere?

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