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ZARD-03 Beauiful Detective Squad R.Y.U.

Three high school juniors Rin, Yuka and Umi, establish an after school detective club. However, they spend one boring day after another, because no case worth mentioning occurs. One day, Usami’s older sister’s whereabouts become unknown. Rin is gung-ho about this case, since they haven’t had what they can call a case in a long time. Yuka and Umi shoot disgusted looks at Rin. The three girls launch an investigation immediately, putting their superb deduction to work. However, the case takes an unthinkable turn. With a mysterious coin in hand, Rin sneaks into a secret club. There, she runs into a mysterious woman called Marie, who tattoos a black lizard on an arm. Then she finds a demonic tattoo group. What will the Beauty Detective Squad R.Y.U do...? Will they be able to solve the mystery? Deduction intertwines with suspense. There is dreadful torture. Rin ends up going through terrifying torture.

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