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TOR-29 Dark Girl - The Dark Angel 02

Goddess City is the world’s largest city, but a notorious drug lord Pierre Yoshimoto, who has a monopoly on the new drug Heaven’s Gate, turned the place into a criminals’ den. Dark Girl Lisa and her boy sidekick Kevin discover the secret of the kingpin, but Pierre Yoshimoto traps them. In their dire straits they see somebody is there for them. It is Dark Girl Mami, who has arrived to rescue them. And another stranger shows up before Dark Girl Mami. He is Violence Joey, a bodyguard for Pierre Yoshimoto…. Mami and Joey share a secret in the past, which comes as a surprise…. Violence Joey’s lost memories begin to return, but to stop this Pierre Yoshimoto gives him a drug that makes him even more violent. Dark Girl Mami is disgraced by the drugged Joey. And with the drug Heaven’s Gate rubbed into her groin, she is turned into a super horny girl. Dark Girl Mami is then disgraced by Pierre Yoshimoto, and the boy Kevin desperately tries to satisfy her sexual desires that she cannot quench.

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