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TOR-28 Dark Girl - The Dark Angel 01

The world biggest city called the Goddess City has been turned into a hotbed of criminals nowadays because a drug king named Pierre Yoshimoto is undertaking distribution of the new drug called the Havens-Gate. With a boy’s partner named Kevin, the Dark-Girl chases Pierre Yoshimoto into a corner, however, Pierre Yoshimoto has been domesticating a bloodthirsty killer named the Violence-Joy as his bodyguard. Actually, Pierre Yoshimoto used to be a boss of the Dark-Girl (Lisa) in a security company where she works, and finally he succeeds in entrapping her. And the Dark-Girl is insluted and teased by Pierre Yoshimoto as much as he likes. The worst thing is that Pierre Yoshimoto smears and dips her secret spot with the Havens-Gate, and he enjoys the Dark-Girl turn into the Lewd... And after that, Pierre Yoshimoto orders the Violent-Joy to disgrace her. The Dark-Girlis totally torn and spoiled, and she is just waiting for Kevin’s help with her deep tears...

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