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TOR-21 Perfect Ranger 03

In the success of kidnapping Perfect Rangers, the evil organization Satan Cross goes on demanding a surrender of the International Defense Forces! A beautiful girl, Ayumi Hagashima, shows up in front of the Administrator who is in anguish of the desperate situation, and offers to fight as a Ranger Pink against Satan Cross. Aware of her past, the Administrator hesitates to accept it. But, he finally decides to take the risk. Ranger Pink is a exceptionally talented fighter and brings down a series of combatants. Then, a brainwashed Ranger Red comes to attack her, but Pink Ranger cannot focus on the fight and gets captured by Satan Cross! She is going to suffer nasty and horrifying sexual punishments. A phantom disgraces her and a brainwash drug is then administered into a special hole on her body. Finally, other Rangers disgrace her. In the middle of agonizing experience, Pink now remembers an item given by the Administrator. What will happen to these fighers? (The adaption of The Perfect Rangers: The final episode)

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