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TOR-05 Cyber Special Agent Inspector G 02

The Cyber-Special Agent Inspector belongs to the International Net Administrative Mechanism is a fighting unit whose members insert some special chip into their body and they sneak into the net and aim at annihilating large-scale evil conspirators of the Rahal who has a stronghold in a computer net and plotting to conquer the world! The chapter 25th has a sexy paddock girl named Hikaru Saionnji(18 years old), or she’s called the Inspector Hikaru! One day she receives a mission to rescue the Inspector Maria (She’s usually a teacher). The Inspector Hikaru enters into the net world deeply with the Proton-Bike Jacquard! However, she is fallen into the Rahal’s nasty trap and tortured obscenely. Her tits are rubbed so hardly, and her mouth is intruded by some cocks; and her cunt is inserted some meat poles deeper and quicker so harshly... So is the mission of rescuing Maria going to be succeeded by Hikaru!?

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