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TOR-02 Cyber Force Justion 02

...Far away in some galaxy...The evil queen named Esterzalla revives from the pitch-black darkness, and she sets up a trap for the Red-Panther belongs to the Super-Justion ; and Estezalla captures the Red-Panther and gives her a miserable surrender.. However, while the Red-Panther is facing the imminent danger, she is rescued by another Super-Justion named the Blue-Wing... The Blue-Wing chases Esterzalla down into a corner, but Esterzalla has a card up her sleeve. She obtains the Strato Missiles and can launch them. If the Strato Missiles are launched into some peaceful planets, they will turn those planets into death stars in a moment... So the Blue-Wing is surrendered by Esterzalla, too. And the Blue-Wing is disgraced by servants... Also she is forced to be disgraced by a combatant monster, and in addition to that she is having shameful lesbian torture by Esterzalla... However, when the Blue-Wing is facing the imminent danger... A white righteous comet flies down into an evil castle of the Annekleim...! Well, how is she taking over this crisis...!? ...Your heart of righteousness...never be just wasted...

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