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TNI-36 Ninja 36

The Misty Ninja Troops made great wartime contributions for their feudal lord Hyuganomori Ogasawara. But, 20 years ago, in 1610, Hyuganomori decided to exterminate the Troops in order to pledge loyalty to the then central regime. Only the wise old man and the infant ”O-ruri” have survived the extermination. O-ruri, secretly raised in Ninja training, grows to be a beautiful girl. One day, she learns the fate of the Misty Ninja Troops from the wise old man. O-ruri, determined to revenge the extermination of the Troops, advances into the Matsuyoshi Castle where Hyuganomori resides.... 1.Breathtaking battle scenes in gorgeously set-up open settings. 2.A numerous variety of gruesome torture gadgets to torment O-ruri 3.Erotic and sensuous postures of the beautifully-grown Ninja girl 4.Mean and persistent tortures by old-time enemy Hyuganomori 5.O-ruri, after bearing all tortures, goes under for lowly rampaging molestations.

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