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TNI-32 Ninja 32

A coed in the high school has been brutally murdered in a mass attack by some high-society youngsters. A year later,those youngsters who were involved in the killing get slaughtered one by one. It is an act of retribution by a beautiful girl named Sayaka, who wants to revenge all those men responsible for the death of her sister. The remaining youngsters, loaded with money to create an assassin, Mononoke Magin, manage to get hold of Sayaka successfully. Those youngsters, vicious and brutal, molest and disgrace her in a gangbang. On top of the wrongdoing, they experiment on Sayaka’s body a mysterious drug X-virus. The X-virus works on her body to make her groin abnormally itching. ”Please, help me. Loosen the rope, so I can scratch my cunt!” Sayaka’s mind and body are devastated in shambles. How will justice prevail.. ?

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