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TNI-30 Ninja 30

Ninja Sayaka, as swift and changeable as the wind, is one of the last Ninja girls, after Aika and Aya. Successfully felling the transforming monster of the Evil Clan, Sayaka is now searching for the whereabouts of her sister Aya. In the meantime, the Evil Mirror which has the power to forecast future, has reflected the miserable future destiny of Sayaka. Taking Aya as a hostage, the Evil Priest lures Sayaka into a trap. And, as reflected in the Evil Mirror, Sayaka is doomed to face raping and death. Sniffing her body odor, the Priest searches Sayaka’s body in her clothes. Brainwashed, she now gets disgrace in shameful tortures . The Magician Priest puts Sayaka under spell, makes her take lascivious poses and talk sordid words to enjoy listening in. At last, she is forced to masturbate, bound up by Knotted Evil Ropes and finally gets poisonous liquids poured over her body before getting disgraced. Beat and low, Ninja Sayaka, is she going to hell as told in her fortune?

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