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TNI-28 Ninja 28

The Transforming Ninja Aika just shows up, that the ninja heroine said, anytime she appeared on the scene. Aika who was one of the Gale-Style transforming ninjas was continuously fighting and trying to eliminate the Unlucky-Evil Party which was disturbing the peace of Japan! In addition to that, being kidnapped her former teacher brought her into more dangerous sort of fights. And she transformed looks of the sailor blouse of a high school student into the female ninja Aika and fought against a transforming monster Draculian! However, she couldn’t totally dodge Draculian’s attack and at last she lost the fight against him... In addition to that, she was attacked by various kinds of monsters one after another. She strongly resisted against some tease of poison liquid by a monster called the Snake-Ghost, but she couldn’t bear that deadly bad smell and as a result she pissed on herself. Next the other monster called the Evil-Child-Master Joel put some magic curse words on her, and he succeeded to make her so horny like a slut... In front of the enemies she became so obscene and dirty... Next she was seen through how she was so irresistible on tingle of her muff by a monster called the Unlucky-Evil-Bonze, and she was disgraced and torn apart so miserably... And the ninja Akika was coming so high while she was raping by those bad guys...

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