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TNI-27 Ninja 27

A female ninja Megu has climbed down from the remote part of the mountain in Iga. The only purpose is to become a full-fledged ninja helping good and punishing evil. She encounters a young scientist who is being threatened by gangsters in the big city. She sneaks into their hideout to seize back the scientific blueprint of which the young man has been stolen. She fights against armed gangsters but gets shot with a tranquilizer gun, which makers her fall asleep... This is the start of the tragedy... The gangsters harass Megu in a strange costume, which is embarrassing and surrendering to her. Armpits, breasts, crotch, bottoms of feet, boots... she is sniffed all over the body. ”I’m not smelly... Don’t take a sniff of me!”, she resists, but being tied up she is at the mercy of them. Then the gangsters start to fiddle about with all her body... The boss of the gangsters tries to make a science experiment on Megu who is in agony from forced blow job but she manages to escape by the skin of her teeth. The boss transforms himself into a monster in sacrifice on his part. And the gangsters follow Megu to take revenge... Surrendering massages, disgraces... the beauty ninja Megu gets worn out by the filthy middle aged gangsters...

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