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TGJ-01 Heroine The Dead in Hell 01

“My name is Uta Komori. I may look like an ordinary office girl, but I have a secret. I am a member of “Sasori,” army of fighting ninjas. The company I work for is actually the headquarters of Sasori. One day I got an order from the organization....” Female ninja Uta Komori is given a special assignment to infiltrate the hideout of Golgotha, and sabotage its computer system. This is an extremely dangerous mission, but Uta manages to reach the central sector, where she is ambushed by a horde of zombies. Uta keeps fighting the swarming zombies, but there is no way of stopping them. Finally she is captured by them and the zombies start licking all over her body, and with her face covered in semen and pee of the zombies, Uta falls to the ground defeated.

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