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TDLN-27 Super-heroine near miss of evil SP4

Beyond thousands of years, there is one tribe of the underground empire is restored on the ground by the science’s power of the Earth-Defense-Army. The doctor of the Earth-Defense-Army is planed to utilize the science’s power and the unknown power of the underground people into a research of their developing remodeling human weapon, but the underground empire’s tribe declares rebuilding their empire in this time of their restoration on the earth. Along with the head of the empire’s queen named Chimaira with the striking power and brutality that is hard to imagine from her skinny body, their beast like fighting ability blows up the Earth-Defense-Army. However, the empire’s prince named Gargoyle, who harbors ill feeling toward the empire’s king named Ogre since previous time, hears about a fact that ”The King’s Sword” which is only the empire’s legitimate successor is allowed to hold is now seized by Chimaira, and he is lured by the doctor’s plot and plans to assassin the king. Gargoyle controls the remodeled human weapon named the Sand-Man that is brought into Gargoyle’s own power, and he succeeds in killing Ogre and makes a false charge of the killing against Chimaira. She is set up as a rebel and is chased and attacked by her former fellows. And also the Sand-Man as the most fearful and strongest remodeling human weapon is coming close to get her. Finally Chimaira is captured and she is given a coat of some sexual seducing drug into her secret spot by the Earth-Defense-Army coped with Gargoyle, and she is humiliated with shameful teasing as a woman...

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