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TDLN-25 Hiroindomine-shon

Mio Saotome as a young member of the protection group of the environment named EGK is joining a research group of the ecology of animals and plants on the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the US, but she is carried away and killed in an avalanche caused by a terror experiment of a secret society named the Ghoster. However, she is brought to a new life by Nevada’s guardian spirit and she revives as the Condor-Lady. She returns Tokyo to chase the Ghoster and sneaks into their secret base in order to destroy the human typed nuclear energy weapons. But their weapon NEA No.18 is awaiting her. She is beaten up by its overwhelming power. And the Condor-Lady is captured. Now she is treated so harshly with a gigantic hammer, and she looses her consciousness. And after she wakes up, she realizes that she is in a room surrounded by wires running through a high-tension current. Also in front of her eyes there is a time bomb ticking every second. The Condor-Lady tries to unlock the time bomb while she is bearing serious pain with the electric current. But she is totally beaten up by NEA No.18 and also by the new weapon NEA No.19, and she is agonized with an electric gun torture; and she cries out in sorrow with spooky electric wave which is running through her brain directly...

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