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TDLN-17 Super-heroine near miss SP3 of evil

An evil secret association plotting to conquer the world named the G-Man sends the female cadre named Lost and two enforced human beings in order to assassin a bio-technology’s authority named Dr. Murai, and those assassins chases Dr, Murai down into a almost deadly corner; but they’re let known some unbelievable fact from Dr. Murai, that is so socking for Lost and other reinforced human beings! All reinforced human beings are set some life limits for some security reasons, and only a person who can call off the system is Dr. Murai! Lost and other two reinforced human beings accepts Dr. Murai’s deal under condition of calling off their life limits, and they sneaks into a G-Man’s nuclear weapon facility and succeed in depriving their plutonium; but they are unfortunately captured by G-Man’s assassins. What Lost as a betrayer is waiting is a brainwashing with some fearful tortures and shameful sexual pleasure! The reinforced human beings are designed their sensitivity dozens times more keener than regular human beings, and also G-Mans questions the developer Dr. Murai on the weakness points of the reinforced human beings and they persistently tease Lost’s sensitive spots so fully! Lost is about to be collapsed her mentality gradually with serious pleasure! Well, is it possible for her to escape from the organization and to find her own paradise!

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