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TCN-02 Shadow soldier shadow girl

Black Spider, an evil secret society that plots conquest of Japan, traces down the weak points of Kageko Tsukiyono and her behind-the-scens alter ego ”Shadow Girl”, and also its alter ego ”Kageko”. There are two weak points: 1) They can not separate on the nights of new moon. 2) Since Kageko Tsukiyono’s main body after separation is as good as an empty shell, attacking the main body is effective against Shadow Girl and Kageko as well. Then Black Spider humiliates Kageko Tsukiyono and her alter ego Shdow Girl in various ways after capturing them. If the main body feels ecstasy, the shadows feel the same... that is the way it is. Kageko, the alter ego of Shadow Girl, reaches a climax promptly and falls off the edge of the earth. On the other hand, Shadow Girl holds up even the main body of Kageko Tsukiyono reaches orgasm. Then a spider demon, who has ferocious genitals, makes an assault on the lower body of Shadow Girl fiercely. What will be the destiny of Shadow Girl…?

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