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TAG-03 Virtual Heroine Galaxy Agent Melenu

Investigator Melaisne from Galaxy Economic Security Organization goes to provide a personal protection of Twein who is schedule to take the witness stand in a few days. Twein, however, has a secret scheme to get money from the defendant in the promise of not telling the truth, as a a kind of blackmail. Twein shakes Melaisne’s tailing and meets his agent Jeado. But, this Jeado has been requested to kill Twein by the defendant. In order to shield Twein, Melaisne gets injured by Jeado’s attack–propeller head and captured by Jeado. Twein makes a successful escape because of her help. Melaisne’s body is getting burned by Jet Fire, but she would not tell where she and Twein are supposed to meet. Much frustrated, Jeado tries to take advantage of the fact that Melaisne is a woman, and plans to sexually torture her for the information…

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