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CGRD-14 Super Heroine Space Agent Jenner

Space Agent Jenner, Ai, and her partner, Angie protect the earth from Kuga,an evil syndicate in the Universe. Kuga plans to take energy from livings and use it to create humane robot soldiers. Seeing Jenner and Angie intervene the plan, Kuga’s leader Lar put an evil idea into action to kill them. That is to attack them separately because they are invincible when they fight in tandem. Knowing Angie is the only surviver of Planet Marin which Lar destroied, Lar provokes her. Losing herself in trying to take revenge too much, Angie is defeated by Lar’s monster, Goririgo. Lar tortures her to find out what Jenner’s weakness is. But She won’t say anything. Lar takes her as a hostage to let Jenner come. Upon Jenner’s arrival, lo and behold, Angie attacks Jenner,controlled by Goririgo. While Goririgo stops Jenner from moving around, Angie tear apart Jenner’s armor suits. Moreover, Goririgo launchs an missle and gives more damage to her suits. Jenner’s overwhelmed by their harsh punching, missles and drilling weapon but she still cares about Angie. The two heroines must get out of the situation and save the earth.

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