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ZOR-06 Mask saver FLASH ACT.03

“Old Buddy” is looking for his missing daughter Nanako. She was kidnapped by “Juffer” while practicing rhythmic gymnastics and she was turned humanoid cyborg. Luckily Nanako is saved by “Old Buddy” just before she is forced to have a brain surgery and Nanako makes a vow to bring down evil Juffer. Nanako transforms into Kamen Savior and nearly succeeds in beating enemy humanoid monster Dangerwolf. However, “Old Buddy,” who is in fact her real father, is captured and Nanako is molested by vicious combatants. Dr. Death thrusts a brainwashing vibrator between her legs. Dangerwolf disgraces Nanako who became horny and his combatant cums inside her. And ... what does her father “Old Buddy” do next!? Nanako mentally and physically exhausted is locked up in the waste site, but she notices the high voltage electricity system there. Nanako takes one last shot to stand up again as heroine of justice. What is waiting for Nanako!?

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