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ZOR-05 Mask saver FLASH ACT.02

Hikari Jumonji, a former gold medallist in swimming, has been converted into an android by Jafer. But she escapes from the hideout just before the brain operation. Big daddy encourages her to get over the sadness of becoming an android and decide to fight against Jafer. But she loses the battle against the monster Danger Wolf... Then she gets crucified and the assaults of the Jafer members begin. The combatants hungry for women punishment her private parts inside out... The fiddled private parts start to make moist noise but Masked Saver Hikari struggles to endure it. Then Dr. Death Stein tries to get her pregnant by Danger Wolf. She strives to resist him but the monster Danger Wolf ends up raping her by force. And Masked Saver Hikari becomes pregnant by him... The end of the film is just shocking.

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