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ZDAD-09 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.2

Lei pretends as a prisoner and lands at a solitary island in order to participate in the death-tournament. Though Lynn has hidden herself in the foe’s secret base with a boy who grasps the secret key of the remaining hidden treasure, the chairman of the Red-Dragon Gang, Ishii, who must have died, appears. Lynn, who has spied as the secretary, is disclosed, and she is confined by Ishii now and she receives torture. Lynn is about to be executed with darts torture of Ishii, but a person named Sekiran in the White-Snake Gang appears in her hairbreadth spot, and abducts her with the boy. At that time, in front of Lei who has participated in the death-tournament solely, a first assassin named the White-Tiger stands in her way. The prisoners conspire together and fight against the big four of the organization in order to survive the death-tournament. However, even if they join their forces, it is too difficult before the strength of the White-Tiger. Well, is it possible for Lei to remain undefeated in the death-tournament and take back the hidden treasure...!

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