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ZDAD-08 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1

The Lady-Cats are elusive female phantom thieves who steal aimed games by the probability of 100%, and now they aim at an investment company where fund of the Red-Dragon Gang sleeps, and they invade it through scrupulous preparation; however, unexpected situation occurs. The mysterious criminal group appears, and they steal the mysterious secret treasure of the Red-Dragon Gang from their safe and shoots the head named Ishii(means a stone well) dead. The Lady-Cats, who are happened to be at the criminal spot, fight against the criminal group due to the development of situation, but unfortunately, one-person of the Lady-Cats named Lei is caught by the police. During the investigation, Lei traces existence of the White-Snake Gang behind the mysterious criminal organization, and now she realizes being involved in a strife of the four major Mafias. After that Rei gets to know the existence of a combative sport convention that four major Mafias have been performing illegally, and with her fellow named Lynn, Rei plans to take back the stolen secret treasure under cover of the convention, however...(To Be Continued: To the Second Volume)

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