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ZDAD-04 American Heroine Super Justy 3

Chris Rutt, a high school student, who has stayed in Japan from the United States, wakes up to her special abilities when a monster attacks and strangles her. Superheroines, Power Angel and Wonder Jaenne, happen to walk by the scene and ask her to join their team called Super Justy. Chris, with the strong sense of justice, calls herself Super Athena and starts getting rid of bad guys. But an evil terrorist appears out of nowhere and threatens them! The killer cyborg tries to steal their special abilities, gives them hard times. The cold-blood monster enjoys their agony and scream, stomps them, beats them up, strangles them and finally gives domination attack to their white, gorgeous bodies. However the cyborg’s attack is only the begining of their suffering. A man named Ebeast, 6’3 tall, with the same special capabilities entraps the three superheroines into the hell! The American heroines’s scream continue echoing endlessly in Japan! How is the three girls’s fate going to be?

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