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ZDAD-03 Lady Cypress Vol.2

Here are two girls, Kaon(means a flower with sound) receives the heroine’s sword and Midori(means pure blue). Kaon is told the origin of the sword from a lady named Saeko(means clearness) , and gets to know the Gazette-Woman’s past and secret. On the other hand, an attack of the George-Lunt star people gets into stride still more. Sakeo’s son named Tsukasa(means rule) is abducted. The son is used as a human shield, and the Gazette-Woman is deprived her mask which is a source of her power, and she is teased obstinately. Although Kaon and Midori appear to rescue her shortly this time, all three persons are totally captured. Rancorous torture of the George-Lunt star people starts. They get a whipping, a subjugation play and a torture of a strong acid body fluid, and three persons’ belief and responsibility are likely to be discouraged. Saeko has weakened utterly. But Kaon aims at the opportunity of an inversion. However, a person who opens the breakthrough is Midori at the risk of her life. In sadness, the sole survivor, Kaon=the Lady-Cypress changes two persons’ souls to power, and she rises again.

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